Scouting Industry 4.0:Discover how your production process can be (further) automated

Scouting Industry 4.0
€ 1000.00/p.p

Discover how your production process can be (further) automated

Get to know applications of industry 4.0 on a visit to innovative manufacturing companies.

Many companies are looking for suitable technologies to (further) automate their production environment. After all, this ensures the optimization of processes, shorter lead times and a more efficient operation. Despite the many advantages, automation is just not always easy to implement. What preparation is needed to be able to transform? What process needs to be addressed first? How do you begin the transformation? You will get an answer to all these questions during this track, organized by Voka with the support of Flanders Make.

In six sessions, you will visit innovative production companies. These Flemish pioneers have taken the first steps in further automating their production process. They testify about their experiences and the problems they encountered. A guided tour will immediately show you how they approached the whole process in practice.

In addition to a testimonial from a company manager, two independent technology providers will also have their say. This will provide you with answers to all your specific questions. Afterwards, you can network with other participants.  

The sessions will be held in Dutch.

€ 1000.00/p.p