Autonomous vehicles can handle more and more tasks independently

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In the future, more and more vehicles will not only be able to drive autonomously, but will also be able to work on their own. To this end, we are developing the necessary technology to develop, as quickly as possible, various applications useful for multiple sectors. Think of independently operating forklifts and tractors.

There are already many types of machines that can move autonomously and perform certain tasks in the industry. For example, there are mobile robotic platforms that hurry from one workstation to another in factories and mobile robotic arms that pick strawberries in greenhouses. But it is not only robots that are capable of doing this, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and drones, among others, can already handle some jobs on their own.

In this webinar we will go deeper into the roadmap of our mobile technology, localisation and route planning. In addition, several speakers will explain their applications and projects around these technologies.


Speaker Topic
Andrei Bartic, Cluster Manager Decision & Control Introduction
Joris Gillis, FlandersMake@.KULeuven, Jeroen Bridelance & Bram Vanseveren, Bekaert Optimal Motion Generation toolboxes + applications
Chris Ganseman, Flanders Make & Bart Lenaerts, CNHi Off-highway equipment
- Q&A


This online session is free of charge and will take place on May 7 2020 from 13h00 to 14h00.

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