Free webinar: Cascade funding to boost your innovation

cascade funding

Extra remarks

Together with Armengaud



Cascade funding is an excellent opportunity for SMEs to accelerate their innovation supported by skilled partners and European funding.

We organise a webinar about this topic on Thursday 23 june starting at 16h30. It is the aim of this webinar to provide an overview on the next opportunities and provide guidance for the set-up of an application. Armengaud Innovate GmbH, an Austrian consultant in the digital innovation area and Flanders MAKE, supporting companies in the manufacturing industry to develop and optimise products and production processes, joined expertise to provide a webinar on this topic.

Webinar Content:

1. How is cascade funding working and why is it ideal for SMEs
2. Overview on upcoming calls in the near future
3. Deep-dive into an exemplary application form
4. Success-stories from European SMEs successfully working with Cascade Funding and from Initiatives supporting the digital transition