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Flanders Make inspiration session - Investing in new technologies as SME

Investing in new technologies as SME

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Zaha Hadidplein 1
2030 Antwerpen

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Innovation is a key word for many companies.  The rollout to a 5G network or other wireless solutions is increasingly on the agenda. Cybersecurity has also been a hot topic for some time now. For many small companies, it is difficult to estimate what the investment in these new technologies can yield. Moreover, you also have to keep investing in cyber security.

Testimonials of 3 business leaders

That is why Flanders Make & VLAIO have invited 3 regional business leaders, who will explain how they make use of these new technologies and what the key to success is for them, based on practical cases. In addition, our host organisation, Port of Antwerp, will present how they are constantly using the latest innovations to remain one of the largest general cargo ports in Europe.

Port House of Antwerp

Such a unique location, with a view over the Antwerp port area, naturally also requires a guided tour, which we will be pleased to offer you after the presentations. The beautiful building, which used to be a fire station, was extended a few years ago with a new part in the shape of a ship's hull with diamond structure, designed by the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

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