Social distancing monitoring via 2D cameras

Social distancing will remain the norm for a long time after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both in the workplace and in our private lives, we will have to respect these rules in order to prevent another massive outbreak of the virus.

In order to ensure that companies can remain operational, we are working on various convenient and easily accessible social distancing solutions. One of these solutions is a social distancing monitoring system that uses cameras. With this system, we monitor the distance between people and generate a signal if the mutual social distance (1.5 m) is not respected. 

The system is quick and easy to install in different rooms thanks to its compact and portable configuration. It allows you to easily monitor different hotspots such as your production floor, cafeteria, smoking area or company restaurant. Moreover, we respect the privacy of your employees. The system does not use (and therefore does not store) any personal characteristics. 

Flanders Make social distancing monitoring

Role of Flanders Make

This Flanders Make development consists of a laptop, a switch and at least two 2D cameras, each with a different point of view. The amount of cameras needed in your situation depends on the size of the room to be monitored. By using multiple cameras, we can determine the exact position of each person in 3D. When people move in the field of view of the camera, the software will detect them and determine their relative distance to the other people in the room. Is this distance less than one and a half metres? Then we will show a warning on the screen and an acoustic signal will sound. You can also divide the room into different areas and give targeted warning signals so that it is clear in a group of people who is too close to each other.

By studying all alerts you can identify certain problem areas in your company and adjust your processes. In addition, your employees will become more aware of their distance to one another and in this way you will not only help protect your employees, but also contribute to the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Furtermore, we are developing an extra feature of the system which marks the social distancing problem using light instead of sound. This will make locating the problem much easier. 

social distancing light alarm


Successful application in one of the global players of the cosmetics sector

We demonstrated the system in a Flemish branch of one of the most important world players in the field of quality skin care, make-up, perfumes and hair care products (unfortunately we are not allowed to communicate the name). With approximately 900 employees, this branch grew into the largest European branch within the group. Our social distancing monitoring system is now continuously installed in the company restaurant, a hotspot where it is not always easy for employees to keep a social distance of one and a half metres. 

Dual function

Both the employer and the employees indicate that the function of the system is twofold. Firstly, it increases the safety of workers and prevents the further spread of the virus. Secondly, it also increases awareness of the social distance to be respected. 

This application is an excellent example of how research institutions such as Flanders Make and industry in Flanders can work together very quickly to improve the safety and comfort feeling of employees.


If you want to test this system or you want to adapt your existing camera infrastructure for this application, we can support you.