Social distancing monitoring via 2D cameras

Social distancing will remain the norm for a long time after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both in the workplace and in our private lives, we will have to respect these rules in order to prevent another massive outbreak of the virus.

To support companies, we are working on various social distancing solutions. One of these solutions is a social distancing monitoring system that uses cameras. With this system we monitor the distance between people and generate a signal if the distance (1.5 m) is not respected. The system is quick and easy to install in different rooms thanks to its compact and portable configuration. This allows us to monitor the production floor as well as the company restaurant or cafeteria. The privacy of your employees is also guaranteed as we can remove any personal characteristics.

Role of Flanders Make

This monitoring system is a Flanders Make development. It consists of a PC, a switch and several 2D cameras, each with a different point of view. This allows us to determine the 3D position of each person/object in the image. When people move in the field of view of the cameras, the software will detect everyone. Then we calculate the relative distance of each person compared to the other people in the image. If this is less than 1.5 meters, a warning will be shown.

By studying all the alerts you can identify certain problem areas in your company and adjust your processes. In addition, the PC can also send out a warning signal, for example an audio signal, every time the minimum social distance is not respected so that your employees are alerted. In this way we protect your operators and prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus.


If you want to test this system or you want to adapt your existing camera infrastructure for this application, we can support you.