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Title/titel Publication/publicatie Date/datum

Aldo Sorniotti; Mattia Zanchetta, M.Sc.; Davide Tavernini, Ph.D.; Patrick Gruber, Ph.D.; Basilio Lenzo, Ph.D.; Antonella Ferrara, Ph.D.; Koen Sannen, M.Sc.; Jasper De Smet, M.Sc.; Wouter De Nijs, M.Sc.

Trailer control through vehicle yaw moment control: theoretical analysis and experimental assessment Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing tbd
Dr. Antonio Tota (University of Surrey), Dr. Lenzo Basilio (University of Surrey), Dr. Qian Lu (University of Surrey), Prof. Aldo Sorniotti (University of Surrey)*, Dr. Patrick Gruber (University of Surrey), Dr. Saber Fallah (University of Surrey), Dr. Mauro Velardocchia (Politecnico di Torino), Dr. Enrico Galvagno (Politecnico di Torino), Dr. Jasper De Smet (Flanders MAKE)

On the experimental analysis of integral sliding modes for yaw rate and sideslip control

IJAT 30/04/2018
Jan De Bisschop, Ahmed Abou-Elyazied Abdallh, Peter Sergeant, Luc Dupré

Analysis and selection of Harmonics sensitive to Demagnetization Faults intended for Condition Monitoring of Double Rotor Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

IET Electric Power Applications 02/01/2018
Francesco Greco, Elke Deckers, Jan Stroobants, Suzanne Van Poppel, Katia Linck, Wim Desmet Finite element simulation of the dynamic behaviour of deep drawn components with accurate thickness description Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 11/2017
Robin Manhaeve, Kurt De Grave, Laura Antanas, Luc De Raedt Realtime Road User Detection and Classification with Single Pass Deep Learning BNAIC 2017 11/2017
Julian Stoev, Julien Ertveldt, Tom Oomen, Johan Schoukens Tensor methods for MIMO decoupling and control design using frequency response functions Mechatronics 08/2017
A.B. Temsamani, S. Kauffmann, Y. Descas, B. Vandevelde, F. Zanon, G. Willems Improved and Accurate Physics-of Failure (PoF) Methodology for Qualification and LIfetime Assessment of Electronic Systems Microelectronics Reliabity 22/7/2017

Merwan Birem, Richard Kleihorst, Norddin El-Ghouti

Visual odometry based on the Fourier transform using a monocular ground-facing camera Journal of Real-Time Image Processing 20/7/2017
Jose Oramas; Agusmian P Ompusunggu, Tinne Tuytelaars, Abdellatif Bey-Temasamani Motion Blur Characterization and Compensation for Line Scan (1D) cameras Spie.Digital Library 26/6/2017
Johan Van Noten, Klaas Gadeyne, Maarten Witters

Model-based Systems Engineering of Discrete Production Lines Using SysML: An Experience Report

Procedia CIRP 9/5/2017
Sebastiaan van Aalst, Boulaid Boulkroune, Shilp Dixit, Stephanie Grubmüller, Jasper De Smet, Koen Sannen, Wouter De Nijs

Semi-autonomous Driving Based on Optimized Speed Profile

Comprehensive Energy Management – Eco Routing & Velocity Profiles

(ISBN: 978-3-319-53164-9)


Dariusz Szymanski, Matthias Scharrer, Georg Macher, Eric Armengaud, Holger Schmidt

Model-based functional safety engineering

Comprehensive Energy Management, Safe Adaptation, Predictive Control and Thermal Management

(ISBN: 978-3-319-57444-8)

Antoni, J; Griffaton, J; André, H; Avendano-Valencia, LD; Bonnardot, F; Cardona-Morales, O; Castellanos-Dominguez, G; Daga, AP; Leclère, Q; Molina Vicuna, C; Acuna, DQ; Ompusunggu, AP; Sierra-Alonso; EF Feedback on the Surveillance 8 challenge: vibration-based diagnosis of a Safran aircraft engine Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 28/02/2017
Andreas Keller, Richard C. Gerkin, Yuanfang Guan, Amit Dhurandhar, Gabor Turu, Bence Szalai, Joel D.Mainland, Yusuke Ihara, Chung Wen Yu, Russ Wolfinger, Celine Vens, Leander Schietgat, Kurt De Grave, Raquel Norel, DREAM Olfaction Prediction Consortium, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Guillermo Cecchi, Leslie B. Vosshall, and Pablo Meyer Predicting Human Olfactory Perception from Chemical Features of Odor Molecules Science 24/02/2017

A. Hemeida, M. Taha, A. A.-E. Abdallh, H. Vansompel, L. Dupré, and P. Sergeant

Applicability of Fractional Slot Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines in the Field Weakening Region

IEEE 03/2017
Basilio Lenzo, Aldo Sorniotti, Patrick Gruber, Koen Sannen On the experimental analysis of single input single output control of yaw rate and sideslip angle International Journal of Automotive Technology 14/02/2017

L. Barbinia, A.P. Ompusunggu, A.J. Hillis,J.L. du Bois, A. Bartic

Phase editing as a signal pre-processing step for automated bearing fault detection Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 19/12/2016
Julian Stoev, Johan Schoukens Nonlinear system identification—Application for industrial hydro-static drive-line Control Engineering Practice 09/2016
Arash M. Dizqah, Basilio Lenzo, Aldo Sorniotti, Patrick Gruber, Saber Fallah, Jasper De Smet A Fast and Parametric Torque Distribution Strategy for Four-Wheel-Drive Energy Efficient Electric Vehicles IEEE


Florian Hammer; Risang Yudanto; Kai Neumann; Markus Pichler; Johan Cockx; Christian Niestroj; Frederik Petré

Performance Evaluation of 3D-Position Estimation Systems

IEEE 15/06/2016
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani 2-Level error (drift) compensation for low-cost MEMS-based inertial measurement unit (IMU) Microsystem Technologies 31/12/2015
Qian Lu, Pierangelo Gentile, Antonio Tota, Aldo Sorniotti, Patrick Gruber, Fabio Costamagna, Jasper De Smet Enhancing vehicle cornering limit through sideslip and yaw rate control Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 21/12/2015
Alujevic, N., Wolf, H., Depraetere, B., Zhao, G., Domazet, Z., Pluymers, B., Desmet, W. Self-tuneable velocity feedback for active isolation of random vibrations in subcritical two degree of freedom systems Acta Acustica United with Acustica 01/09/2015
Zhao, G., Pinte, G., Alujevic, N., Depraetere, B., Sas, P. Adaptive-passive control of structure-borne noise of rotating machinery using a pair of shunted inertial actuators Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 08/2015
Zhao, G., Alujevic, N., Depraetere, B., Pinte, G., Swevers, J., Sas Experimental study on active structural acoustic control of rotating machinery using piezo-based rotating inertial actuators Journal of Sound and Vibration 21/07/2015
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Jean-Michel Papy and Steve Vandenplas Kalman filtering based prognostics for automatic transmission clutches  IEEE/ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS 2/06/2015
Savitski D., Ivanov V., Shyrokau B., De Smet J., Theunissen J. Experimental Study on Continuous ABS Operation in Pure Regenerative Mode for Full Electric Vehicle SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems - V124-6EJ 1/05/2015
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Paul Sas, Hendrik Van Brussel Distinguishing the effects of adhesive wear and thermal degradation on the tribological characteristics of paper-based friction materials under dry environment: A theoretical study Tribology International 1/04/2015
Davy, Maes, Abdel Bey-Temsamani, Bjorn Aelvoet A component-based methodology to quantify the safety integrity level OEM Off Highway 31/03/2015
Chao Jin, Agusmian P. Ompusunggu, Zongchang Liu, Hossein D. Ardakani, Fredrik Petré and Jay Lee Envelope Analysis on Vibration Signals for Stator Winding Fault Early Detection in 3-Phase Induction Motors International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management 1/03/2015
Leonardo De Novellis, Aldo Sorniotti, Patrick Gruber, Javier Orus, Jose-Manuel Rodriguez Fortun, Johan Theunissen, Jasper De Smet Direct yaw moment control actuated through electric drivetrains and friction brakes: Theoretical design and experimental assessment Mechatronics 18/02/2015
B. Depraetere, J. Stoev, G. Pinte, J. Swevers Identification of linear systems with binary output measurements using short independent experiments Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 1/01/2015
B. Depraetere, M. Liu, G. Pinte, I. Grondman, R. Babuška Comparison of model-free and model-based methods for time optimal hit control of a badminton robot Mechatronics 10/09/2014
N. Alujević, G. Zhao, B. Depraetere, P. Sas, B. Pluymers, W. Desmet H2 optimal vibration control using inertial actuators and a comparison with tuned mass dampers Journal of Sound and Vibration 1/09/2014
Kevin Van Vaerenbergh, Peter Vrancx, Yann-Michaël De Hauwere, Ann Nowé, Erik Hostens, Christophe Lauwerys Tuning hydrostatic two-output drive-train controllers using reinforcement learning Mechatronics 20/08/2014
Guoying Zhao, Neven Alujević, Bruno Depraetere, Paul Sas Dynamic analysis and ℋ2 optimisation of a piezo-based tuned vibration absorber  Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 14/08/2014
Sorniotti, A. ;   De Novellis, L. ;   Ferrara, A. ;   Gruber, P. ;   Theunissen, J. ;   Steenbeke, D. ;   Knauder, B. ;   Zehetner, J. Integral Sliding Mode for the Torque-Vectoring Control of Fully Electric Vehicles: Theoretical Design and Experimental Assessment  IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 16/07/2014
Klaas Gadeyne, Gregory Pinte, Kristof Berx Describing the design space of mechanical computational design synthesis problems Advanced Engineering Informatics 20/05/2014
Abhishek Dutta, Yu Zhong, Bruno Depraetere, Kevin Van Vaerenbergh, Clara Ionescu, Bart Wyns, Gregory Pinte, Ann Nowe, Jan Swevers, Robin De Keyser Model-based and model-free learning strategies for wet clutch control Mechatronics 26/04/2014
Bernhard Knauder, Dzmitry Savitski, Johan Theunissen, Leonardo De Novellis Electric torque Vectoring for Electric Vehicles ATZ Elektronik 1/04/2014




Authors/auteurs Title/titel Conference/conferentie Date/datum
M Adam, M Voß, T Vallée,  N Ratsch, D Kohl, S Böhm, I Van de Weyenberg, F Creemers, Y Laurent, L Mauricio, R Tillet, R Créac’hcadec Recent developments in inductive heating for fast curing of adhesively bonded connections Euradh 2018 05-07/09/2018
M. Mayrhofer, J. Goos, M. Witters and A. Egyed Using SysML to model and explore Design Spaces 19th international conference on research and education in mechatronics 07-08/06/2018
S. van Aalst, F. Naets, B. Boulkroune, W. De Nijs, W. Desmet An adaptive vehicle sideslip estimator for reliable estimation in low and high excitation driving 15th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems 06-08/06/2018

Cyrano Vaseur, Albert Rosich, Maarten Witters, Edward Kikken, Bram de Jager

Torsional vibration- and backlash- compensation in drive-lines using non-linear feedforward control

37th Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control  27-29/03/2018
Z. Lu, B. Shyrokau, B. Boulkroune, S. van Aalst and R. Hapee Performance Benchmark of state-of-the-art Lateral Path-following Controllers 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control 09-11/03/2018
Mercy, T., Hostens, E., Pipeleers, G

Online motion planning for autonomous vehicles in vast environments

15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control 09-11/03/2018

Andreas Demuth, Roland Kretschmer, Michael Tröls, Georgio Kanakis, Davy Maes and Alexander Egyed

Experiences on Traceability and Consistency Checking across Engineering Tools in an Automation Solution Company

Software Engineering 2018 09/03/2018
Ahmed Abdallh, Maarten Witters Optimal Control and Design of Hybrid Electric Vehicles including Bi-directional DC-DC Converters IEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference 11-14/12/2017
Maximilian Hombsch, Keivan Shariatmadar, Davy Maes and Pierre Garsoux Experimental investigation of waste heat recovery using an organic rankine cycle for heavy duty trucks Engine ORC Consortium 16/11/2017
M. Clasing Villanueva, C. Claeys, N.G.R de Melo Filho, Koen Geurts, Isabel Van de Weyenberg, Paola Campestrini, B. Pluymers, W. Desmet Design for manufacturing of vibro-acoustic metamaterials for low frequent NVH insulation Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering 2017 14-16/11/2017
Teodorescu, Catalin Stefan & Depraetere, Bruno & Vandenplas, Steve & Shariatmadar, Keivan & Vyncke, Thomas & Duflou, Joost & Nowe, Ann An ECMS-based powertrain control of a parallel hybrid electric forklift 21st International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing 19-21/10/2017
Merwan Birem, Ivana Shopovska, Ljubomir Jovanonv, Peter Veelaert, Wilfried Philips, Kris Lehaen A Hybrid Fusion Based Frontal-Lateral Collaborative Pedestrian Detection and Tracking IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 16-19/10/2017
Yi Xiong, Anke Van Campen, Anje Van Vlierberghe, Karolien Kempen, Jean-Pierre Kruth Time-Optimal Scan Path Planning Based on Analysis of Sliced Geometry Solid Freeform Fabrication 7-9/8/2017
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu Automated bearing fault diagnostics with cost-effective vibration sensor 12th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management 2-4/8/2017
Jan Goos, Chris Chriens, Maarten Witters Automatic Evaluation and Optimization of Generic Hybrid Vehicle Topologies using Dynamic Programming 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control 9-14/7/2017
Mercy, T., Hostens, E., Pipeleers, G Motion Planning for Autonomous Systems in a Vast Environment 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control 9-14/7/2017

Jan Bouquet, Benjamin Peeters, Stijn Helsen, Krist Mielnik, Bert Lauwers

Programming and controlling the scanning laser hardening process, applied on complex shaped components on a Multi-axis Machining Center MTTRF 2017 5-7/7/2017

J. Bouquet, B. Peeters, O. Malek, G. Claus, P. Ten Haaf, A. Van Vlierberghe, B. Lauwers

Uniform hardening of steel components by integrated scanning laser hardening 24th IFHTSE Congress 26-29/6/2017
B. Boulkroune, S. van Aalst, K. Lehaen, and J. De Smet Observer-based Controller with Integral Action for Longitudinal Vehicle Speed Control IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 11-14/6/2017
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu Recent advances in vibration signal processing for bearing condition monitoring International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference 2017 6-8/6/2017
T'Jollyn, I., Ameel, B., Devos, S., Bienstman, J., Schlimpert, S., & De Paepe, M. Experimental study of design parameter influence on thermal and hydraulic performance of cold plates 16th IEEE Intersociety Conference 30/5-2-6/2017
Scioni, Enea: Decré, Wilm; Aertbeliën, Erwin; De Schutter, Joris; Tirmizi, Asad; Witters, Maarten Fast and Intuitive Robot Programming: A constraint based approach International Conference for Robotics and Automation 2017 26/5-3/6/2017

K. Gryllias, B. Kilundu, S. Devos, Y. Vonderscher, B. Vandewal

Condition monitoring of gear grinding processes

Surveillance 9 22-24/5/2017
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu Cost-effective (non-contact) ultrasound system for bearing fault diagnostics: Development, Validation and Benchmark

Surveillance 9


Ahmed A.-E. Abdallh and Maarten Witters

A repository electric machine models for conceptual design of hybrid electric vehicles

Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control 2017 28-30/03/2017

Chris Criens, Jan Goos, Maarten Witters

Automatic Evaluation and Optimization of Generic Hybrid Vehicle Topologies using Dynamic Programming

Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control 2017 28-30/03/2017

Vikram Sridhar, Kurt Geebelen, Albert Rosich, Maarten Witters

Structure and Control Co-design of Robotic Manipulator - A Design Methodology

Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control 2017 28-30/03/2017
Dariusz Szymanski, Yoann Descas, Christoph Mannaerts, Kris Lehaen Simulation aided hazard analysis and risk assessment SAHARA IQPC Testing ADAS and self-driving cars 27-30/03/2017
De Filippis, G, Lenzo, B, Sorniotti, A, Gruber, P, Sannen, K and De Smet, J

On the energy efficiency of electric vehicles with multiple motors

IEEE VPPC2016 17-20/10/2016
Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani Low-cost vision based system for quality and process monitoring of fast moving continuous products Smart Systems Industry Summit 2016 11/10/2016
Jan Stroobants Integrating process simulations and data into product simulations Simulation 2016 5-6/10/2016
István Dávid, Joachim Denil, Klaas Gadeyne and Hans Vangheluwe Engineering Process Transformation to Manage (In)consistency 1st International Workshop on Collaborative Modelling in MDE 4/10/2016
Sebastian J. I. Herzig, Kristof Berx, Klaas Gadeyne, Maarten Witters, Christiaan J.J. Paredis Computational Design Synthesis for Conceptual Design of Robotic Assembly Cells 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering 3-5/10/2016
Andreas Demuth, Roland Kretschmer, Alexander Egyed and Davy Maes Introducing Traceability, Consistency Checking, and Change Impact Analysis between Artifacts in an Automation Solution Company: An Experience Report 32nd International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution 2-10/10/2016

Luca Salemio, Dariusz Szymanski, Mike Nicolai

Towards tool support of the ISO 26262 concept phase with the application of physical modelling EUROFORUM 8th International Annual Conference ISO 26262 26-28/9/2016
Frank Creemers, Koen Geurts en Michael Noeske Influence of surface contaminations on the quality and bond strength of structural adhesive joints Euradh 2016 / Adhesion 2016 21-23/9/2016

Olivier Janssens, Mathieu Rennuy, Steven Devos, Mia Loccufier, Rik Van de Walle and Sofie Van Hoecke

Towards Intelligent Lubrication Control: Infrared Thermal Imaging for Oil Level Prediction in Bearings

2016 IEEE Conference on Control Applications

C.S. Teodorescu, S. Vandenplas, B. Depraetere, J. Anthonis, A. Steinhauser and J. Swevers A fast pick-and-place prototype robot: design and control IEEE MSC2016 19-22/9/2016
B. Kilundu, S. Devos, W. Driesen and F. Al-Bender Assessment of transient film thickness in a roller bearing ISMA 2016 19-21/9/2016

C. Freitas, J. Cuenca, P. Morais, A. Ompusunggu, M. Sarrazin, K. Janssens

Comparison of vibration and acoustic measurements for detection of bearing defects

ISMA 2016 19-21/9/2016
A. Hernandez, S.Dixit, C. Criens, L. Guillaume, D. Maes, I. Siera, R. De Keyser, V. Lemort Safe Operation of Organic Rankine Cycle Units in Automotive Applications using Model Predictive Control Engine ORC Consortium 14-16/09/2016
Shilp Dixit, Chris Criens, Andres Hernandez, Ilja Siera, Davy Maes Control of ORC based Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Heavy-Duty Vehicles Engine ORC Consortium 14-16/09/2016
L. Guillaume, B. Ameel, C. Criens, I. Siera, D. Maes, A. Hernandez, M. De Paepe, V. Lemort Dynamic Modeling of Waste Heat Recovery Organic Rankine Cycle Systems in the Amesim Platform Engine ORC Consortium 14-16/09/2016
Chris Criens, Steven Lecompte, Michel De Paepe, Ilja Siera, Davy Maes A Cost-Based ORC Design Methodology Applied to a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Engine ORC Consortium 14-16/09/2016
Van de Weyenberg Isabel , Vanden Boer Koen, Creemers Frank, Netzelmann Udo Evaluation of Durability of Adhesive Joints in Sandwich Panels SAMPE Europe Conference 2016 Liège 13-15/09/2016
Berx K., Friedl M., Witters M., Hehenberger P. A Customer Requirement Driven Framework for Design Synthesis - Applied to a Washing Machine Mechatronics 2016 08/09/2016
Rosich A., Berx K., Pinte G. Model-Based Design Synthesis: Application to Optimal Air-Compressor System Design Mechatronics 2016 08/09/2016
Lecompte S., Criens C. Siera, I., van den Broek M., De Paepe M. Thermodynamic screening of organic rankine working fluids and architectures: application to automotive internal combustion engines HEFAT 2016 11-13/07/2016
Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, Stijn Helsen, Steven Kauffmann, Anke Van Campen Improved product reliability quantification methodology making use of physics of failure based prognostics Third European Conference Of The Prognostics And Health Management Society 2016 5-8/7/2016
Bey-Temsamani Abdellatif, Stijn Helsen, Maarten Witters and Marc Engels Prognostics of connection defects in electronics modules

Third European Conference Of The Prognostics And Health Management Society 2016


Carina Freitas, Paulo Morais, Jacques Cuenca, Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Mathieu Sarrazin, Karl Janssens

Condition monitoring of bearings under medium and low rotational speed 8th European Workshop On Structural Health Monitoring 5-8/07/2016
Mercy, T., Van Loock, W., Pipeleers, G. Real-time motion planning in the presence of moving obstacles European Control Conference 29/6-1/7/2016
Basilio Lenzo, Giovanni De Filippis, Aldo Sorniotti, Patrick Gruber, Koen Sannen Understeer characteristics for energy-efficient fully electric vehicles with multiple motors EVS29 Symposium 19-22/6/2016
Abdel Bey-Temsamani Low-cost vision-based systems for quality and process monitoring under high speed movement Vision & robotics Mechatronics 2016 02/06/2016
Erwin Rademakers, Peter De Bakker, Christian Tiberius, Karel Janssen, Richard Kleihorst, Norddin El Ghouti Obtaining real-time sub-meter accuracy using a low cost GNSS device ENC 2016 30/05-02/06/2016
Abdel Bey-Temsamani A systematic methodology to validate reliability and functional safety of systems CEEES Spring Meeting 2016 03/03/2016
Kevin Van Vaerenbergh; Yann-Michael De Hauwere; Bruno Depraetere; Kristof Van Moffaert; Ann Nowe A Policy Gradient with Parameter-Based Exploration Approach for Zone-Heating IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence 7-10/12/2015

H. Karhula, K. Berx, K. Gadeyne, H. Van der Auweraer, M. Nicolai

Towards simulation based tests of automatically generated gearbox architectures 23rd ABCM International Congress of Mechanical Engineering 6-11/12/2015

Branimir Mrak, Walter Driesen, Wim Desmet

Magnetic springs - fast energy storage for reciprocating industrial drivetrains

23rd ABCM International Congress of Mechanical Engineering 6-11/12/2015
Theunissen, Johan; Verhaege, Kevin; van Aalst, Sebastiaan; Cruyt, Otto; De Smet, Jasper; Battain, Silvio; Verdaasdonk, Robert; Steenbeke, Dirk; de Clercq, John Powertrain architecture of electric vehicles with individually controlled switched reluctance motors 15th International CTI Symposium 5-8/12/2015
Boulaid Boulkroune, Sebastiaan V. Aalst, Erwin Rademakers, Koen Sannen and Norddin El Ghouti Vehicle sideslip angle estimation using nonlinear parameter-varying observers International Automatic Control Conference (CACS 2015) 18-20/11/2015
Stef Van Wolputte, Wim Abbeloos, Stijn Helsen, Abdel Bey-Temsamani, Toon Goedemé Embedded line scan image sensors: the low-cost alternative for high speed imaging International conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications 10-13/11/2015

Karel Janssen, Erwin Rademakers, Boulaid Boulkroune, Norddin El Ghouti and Richard Kleihorst

Bootstrapping Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion for Absolute and Relative Vehicle Positioning

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (ACIVS 2015) 26-29/10/2015
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu Automated cepstral editing procedure (ACEP) as a signal pre-processing in vibration-based bearing fault diagnostics International Conference of Surveillance 20-21/10/2015
R. Yudanto, F. Petré Sensor Fusion for Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Automatic Guided Vehicles International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation 13-16/10/2015
Florian Hammer, A. Bey-Temsamani, A.P. Ompusunggu Adaptive Transient Event Detection for Industrial Applications World Congress Engineering Asset Management 28-30/9-2015
C.S. Teodorescu and S. Vandenplas A Robust Optimal Nonlinear Control for Uncertain Systems: Application to a Robot Manipulator IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control 21-23/9/2015
Koen Rutten, Beau Piccart, Catalin Stefan Teodorescu, Bruno Depraetere Application of Random Forests to Create Task-Based Control for a Parallel Hybrid Forklift – A Case Study


van Aalst, S., Naets, F., Theunissen, J., Desmet, W.  Use of flexible models in extended Kalman filtering for vehicle body force estimation. ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics 29/6-2/7/2015
Kleihorst, Richard Accurately measuring Ego-Motion of a smart camera 4th Workshop on Architectures of Smart Cameras 29-30/6/2015
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Theodor Andrei Bartic Automated cepstral editing procedure (ACEP) for removing discrete components from vibration signals Proceedings of The 12th International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies 9-11/06/2015
R. Yudanto, A. P. Ompusunggu, A. Bey-Temsamani On Improving Low-Cost IMU Performance for Online Trajectory Estimation 1st SPIE Microtechnologies Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems 4-6/5/2015
J. Muller, K. Gadeyne, M. Nicolai, H. Van der Auweraer Automatic Generation of Simulation Models for Early Stage Evaluation of Physical System Topologies Symposium on Theory of Modeling & Simulation: DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium (DEVS '15) 12-15/4/2015
Langone, R. ; Alzate, C. ;   Bey-Temsamani, A. ;   Suykens, J.A.K.  Alarm prediction in industrial machines using autoregressive LS-SVM models  IEEE symposium on Computational Intelligence and Data Mining  9-12/12/2014
Suzanne Van Poppel, Michiel Wellens Development of Lithium-ion battery safety methodology  European Electric Vehicle Congress 3-5/12/2014
R. Yudanto, R. Carta, F. Petré, V. Van Acht, M. Tutelaers, S. Schaafsma, K. Maertens Energy Autonomous Wireless Filling Detector IEEE Sensors 3-5/11/2014

J. Stoev, E. Hostens, S. Vandenplas

Driver Modeling for Heavy Hybrid Vehicle Energy Management The 2014 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) 27-30/10/2014
Zhao, G., Alujevic, N., Depraetere, B., Pinte, G., Swevers, J., Sas, P. A pair of piezo-based rotating inertial actuators for active structural acoustic control of rotating machinery International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies 6-8/10/2014
A. P. Ompusunggu, B. K. Y’Ebondo, S. Devos, F. Petré Towards an automatic diagnostics system for gearboxes based on vibration measurements ISMA2014 15-17/9/2014
G. Zhao, N. Alujevic, B. Depraetere, G. Pinte, J. Swevers, P. Sas Active structural acoustic control of rotating machinery using piezo-based rotating inertial actuators ISMA2014 15-17/9/2014
K. Berx, E. Hostens, W. Driesen, G. Pinte Identification and propagation of parametric uncertainty of a hydrostatic drive train model ISMA2014 15-17/9/2014
Adriaan Van Horenbeek, Liliane Pintelon, Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani and Andrei Bartic Multi-objective optimization of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) regarding production speed and energy consumption European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 8/07/2014
Agusmian P. Ompusunggu, Zongchang Liu, Hossein D. Ardakani, Chao Jin, Frederik Petré, Jay Lee Winding fault diagnosis of a 3-phase induction motor powered by frequency-inverter drive using the current and voltage signals 14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference 16-18/6/2014
Kristof Berx, Klaas Gadeyne, Michiel Dhadamus, Goele Pipeleers, Gregory Pinte Model-based gearbox synthesis Mechatronics Forum International Conference edition 16-18/6/2014
Maarten Witters, Arnout De Maré, Steve Vandenplas, Mark Versteyhe Experimental validation of iterative learning control for power shifts on a transmission with wet clutches in a heavy duty forklift 14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference 16-18/6/2014
Johan Van Noten, Davy Maes  Adoption of model-based development for machine controller software  14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference 16-18/6/2014
Van Poppel, Suzanne; Perik, Harold; Wellens, Michiel; Rademakers, Erwin Development of a communication platform for driver awareness and assistance functions based on a cellular network  FISITA 2014 2-6/6/2014
Szymanski Dariusz; Dexters Bert; Descas Yoann; Van Vlimmeren Marc Model-based and scalable functional safety engineering methodology for on- and off-highway vehicles  FISITA 2014 2-6/6/2014
Wellens, Michiel; Van Poppel, Suzanne; Rademakers, Erwin; Perik, Harold; Koers, Gaetan Detection of road profile and control of pro-active suspension using a time-of-flight sensor system  FISITA 2014 2-6/6/2014
Orus, Javier; Theunissen, Johan; Meneses, Ruben; Rodriguez-Fortun, Jose-Manuel  Active vibraton control for torsional oscillations in powertrains for fully electric vehicles  FISITA 2014 2-6/6/2014
Theunissen, Johan; Verhaege, Kevin; van Aalst, Sebastiaan; Cruyt, Otto; De Smet, Jasper; Battain, Silvio; Verdaasdonk, Robert; Steenbeke, Dirk; de Clercq, John Powertrain architecture of electric vehicles with individually controlled switched reluctance motors  FISITA 2014 2-6/6/2014
Szymanski Dariusz Functional safety case study for lithium-ion batteries IQPC 4th International Conference Applying ISO 26262



Andere publicaties/Other publications

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Robot legt eerste steen van Flanders Make centrum in Lommel