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Save-the-date: Symposium 2019 on 26 November


On 27 November, we held our Annual Symposium together with almost 450 registered visitors. CEOs, R&D Managers and business managers of both large and small companies discovered what the future will have in stall for the manufacturing industry through inspiring presentations, concrete success stories and accessible demonstrations.

They learned how companies can ‘do more with less' (Jan Smits, ASML) by using systems that produce faster, better and cheaper chips. The interaction between innovation and love for the customer (Myriam S., Prefamac) was also a central theme: we innovate to be able to serve our customers even better. Ometa and Televic Rail explained by way of two interesting cases how research and technological innovation helped them to move forward. We concluded the day with the production of tomorrow (Paul Smith, Adidas): in small series but equally cheap and fast as mass production. 

Urbain Vandeurzen, chairman of the board of directors at Flanders Make                                 


A fascinating presentation to a crowded audience! 

Apart from the presentations, we had no less than 23 demo set-ups, ranging from indoor localisation systems over the use of lightweight materials for quieter and better performing shock absorbers up to renewed work cell set-ups in which man and robot work together harmoniously. These set-ups were divided according to the competence clusters of our research to emphasise the specific nature of our research even better. No wonder that during lunch, coffee breaks and walking dinner, these set-ups attracted a big audience. 

Sensors for localisation and status determination.                                                                                                                                                                      


A 'smart wearable' monitors the operator’s physical stress (Living lab project Smart Factories – Flanders Make/IMEC)

A smart claw makes machining easier

Still, the Symposium is more than presentations and demonstrations alone, networking also plays a major role. Companies, research centres and knowledge partners meet one another while having a bite and a drink and discuss potential synergies. 

Would you like to join us (again) next year? Be sure to mark 26 November 2019 in your agenda. More information on this event will follow in the next couple of months.