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Report of our participation in two conferences

We were present! In the past month, Flanders Make colleagues attended two international conferences: Surveillance on condition monitoring and surveillance techniques and IMVAC on condition monitoring and vibration analysis.

About Surveillance:

Surveillance conference is a bi-annual conference and gathers leading researchers in the field of condition monitoring and surveillance techniques. Many novel algorithms and technologies with the goals to solve problems in the industry are presented in this conference. Flanders Make presented two papers:

  1. the development of low-cost ultrasound sensor for bearing fault diagnosis
  2. condition monitoring of grinding processes 

Our colleagues identified a few interesting developments which are relevant for the new Flanders Make strategy.

  1. method for gear tooth surface quality monitoring
  2. planet bearing diagnosis under variable speed operation
  3. discrete sampling theory for machine condition monitoring
  4. optical fiber sensor for machine health monitoring 

In addition, a data contest sponsored by SAFRAN TECH was also organized during the conference. Participants were asked to recover some properties of a turbine based on 3 optical sensor signals. Flanders Make’s team consisting of Agusmian Ompusunggu and Stijn Helsen got the second prize.

About IMVAC:

This conference is designed specifically for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals. From workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo - the conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial vibration analysis, the complementary condition monitoring technologies, and the reliability improvement fields of precision alignment, balancing, and lubrication. Flanders Make presented recent advances in vibration signal processing for bearing condition monitoring.