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Project results Flanders Make

Some of our project results:

Video for the project SITcontrol. With the progressing automation in industry, we observe a trend towards a growing autonomy of industrial motion control systems. This project aims at the further development of current technology in view of developing autonomous motion control systems that adapt to changing situations that are feasible in industrial applications. 

Video for the Flanders Make project Model-based and Scalable Safety Engineering Methodology. This project aims to develop a formal and practically functional design methodology for safety-critical systems.

Video for the Flanders Make project Structural Reinforcements. Flanders Make investigates in this project together with the project partners the possibily to make constructions in vehicles and machines more solid and lighter through localised reinforcement structures.

Video for the Flanders Make project Perpetual.

Video for the Flanders Make project AdSens. In this project, Flanders Make developed a methodology for the design of adaptive sensors to define and increase the reliability of sensor measurements. Project partners Bekaert, Televic & Picanol explain the results of the project for their own company.

Video for the Flanders Make project GPS Positioning. In this project, Flanders Make developed a technology to assess the location of vehicles in a very accurate, cost-efficient and reliable way.  This allows for optimal route planning. It also contributes to a lower fuel consumption and increased driver safety and comfort. Project partners Octinion and TomTom give more information on the results they have generated from the project.

Video for the Flanders Make project Autocon. In this project, Flanders Make developed a methodology and software tool to support designers in making choices during the design of mechanical systems. The project focussed on the selection and optimal installation of the various components, in such a way that the systems meet all their requirements but can still be manufactured as cheap as possible. Project partners DANA and Siemens explain how they test and use the methodology.

Video for the Flanders Make project Ecomechatronics. In this project, Flanders Make and Sirris jointly supported SMEs and large Flemish companies in the design of their machines in view of improving their energy-efficiency, performance and user comfort. Punch Powertrain, Duco and Benes explain their achievements in this video.

Video for the European project iCompose. In this project, Flanders Make works together with European companies and research institutions on energy- and cost-efficient electric vehicles. An electric powertrain with individually controlled wheels, developed in Flanders, forms the basis for this European research.

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