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Presentation of results of adhesive bonding case at the Materials 2017 trade show & congress

Colleagues of Flanders Make joined the trade show Materials 2017 in Veldhoven (NL).

New this year was the joining technology exhibition showing the most recent innovations in the field of joining technologies and paying particular attention to techniques for joining dissimilar materials.  

During the congress, presentations were given that tried to bridge the gap between science and practical application.  Our colleague Koen Geurts, for instance, gave a lecture on ‘Structural adhesive bonding for high temperature resistance and durability’, in which he explained the results of a specific adhesive bonding case from the ZeDeMAB project, which set very strict requirements to high temperature resistance and varying loadability.

The ZeDeMAB project stands for "Zero Defect Manufacturing for Adhesive Bonding" and was executed by Flanders Make in collaboration with the German research institutes Fraunhofer IFAM and Fraunhofer IZFP.  This European project focused on the impact of several parameters of the adhesive bonding process on the quality of the adhesive bond. Think of process parameters such as ‘closing time’ (time between application of glue and the actual adhesive bonding) and ‘curing time’ (drying time up to final strength) but also of the impact of surface contaminations and prior treatment methods. With this project, Flanders Make helps companies in the vehicle industry to improve their manufacturing processes. The application of the developed quality control methodologies, for instance, allows to realise robust adhesive bonds with a low failure rate in an early design phase already, which lowers costs, shortens the market introduction time and reduces waste.   

If you wish to obtain more information about the results of this ZeDeMAB project or if you have a general question on adhesive bonding technology and our new Multi-Material Laboratory, don’t hesitate to contact Frank Creemers (adhesive bonding specialist qualified according to the European standard EWF/NIL 516-1 EAS).