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Join one of our research projects

18 new opportunities for your company 

We are starting 18 new projects and are looking for interested companies. 

Why you should participate? Together with partners from the industry and the research community, you can join a government-funded research and development project, a so-called ICON project (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research), through which a specific, shared technological challenge is tackled. You can rely on the joined expertise of all partners involved. In this way, these projects will strengthen your research and development activities

The average project duration amounts to two years. Once the project has been completed, your company can start working with the results and translate them into concrete products and services. The actual valorisation of the project results within the Flemish industry is one of the main pillars of an ICON project.

 Click here for a complete list of project proposals ("Open Calls") for which we are still looking for partner companies. The deadline for participation is 12 March as this is the date on which the applications will be submitted.