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The eight research programmes of Flanders Make

At the end of 2014, Flanders Make explained its eight research programmes. These programmes build the framework for new research projects through which Flanders Make wants to give active support to Flemish companies to innovate and strengthen their international competitiveness.  Meanwhile, more than fifty companies have already joined one or more programmes. You and your organisation are still more than welcome to participate. Companies that are interested or want to apply as a new partner, can do so here. You better react quickly: the deadlines for the following entries are set at 23 April 2015 and 22 May 2015!

  1. Clean energy-efficient motion systems
    Within this programme, Flanders Make will respond to the industry's demand for cheaper and greener powertrains for vehicles and machines through the construction of energy-efficient electromechanical and hybrid powertrains.
  2. Smart monitoring systems
    Within this programme, Flanders Make focuses on developing methods and resources for continuously measuring and monitoring the environment and the performance and condition of vehicles and machines and such in a cost-effective manner.   By improving the features of measuring systems, the measuring range will be increased and the reliability and robustness of measuring systems improved.
  3. High-performance autonomous mechatronic systems
    This programme fits within the global trend towards fully autonomous systems, both machines and vehicles. This evolution is a gradual one. Through the application of new control strategies with a user-friendly design method, Flanders Make will convert in this programme the current industrial control diagrams into control systems with greater autonomy and improved performances.
  4. Intelligent product design methods
    Within this programme, Flanders Make investigates how mechatronic systems can be designed in a more systematic way based on computer models. These design methods will result in shorter and less expensive design cycles. Design methods based on computer models will also lead to cheaper mechatronic products that perform better and consume less energy.
  5. Design and manufacturing of smart and lightweight structures
    In this programme, Flanders Make develops methods and resources to support the transition to multi-materials and smart structures, aiming at lower development costs, a reduced time-to-market and structures that weigh less and perform better.
  6. Additive manufacturing for serial production
    The purpose of this programme is to extend the application of additive manufacturing (a/o 3D-printing) to  large-scale serial production of mechanical components and such for various materials such as plastic, ceramics or metals.
  7. Manufacturing for high-precision products
    Flanders Make will contribute to the transformation from traditional processing techniques for conventional materials to hybrid processing platforms on which advanced materials will be processed according to very precise methods and techniques. Flanders Make also contributes to the development of a new value chain to create better surface functionalities on industrial components.
  8. Agile and human-centred production and robotic systems
    In this programme, Flanders Make focuses on improving the flexibility and agility of production systems to develop (mostly big) complex products on a small scale, yet in an economically feasible manner. Think of mechanical engineering, recycling processes and the assembly of industrial equipment and vehicles. The programme must also pay attention to the human aspect: operators must be deployed as flexible knowledge workers supported by technology in a controllable production environment. As such, decreasing the cognitive and physical workload is also part of this research programme.

If you are interested to participate in research projects or simply want more information, please complete this contact form. We will be happy to contact you.