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Discover the latetst in MATLAB en Simulink during MATLAB EXPO 2018

Join our session at MATLAB EXPO!

How to create a high-performance testbed for multi-axle drivetrain innovation?

This presentation will focus on a testbed for drivetrain testing built by Flanders Make in Leuven, on which multi-axle drivetrains or their components can be tested. Up to six connections are possible to driving or breaking motors, which can be used to emulate combustion engines, vehicles, and machine loads, considering any desired (set of) duty cycle(s). Our colleague Bruno Depraetere will also present algorithms that the company uses to enable a repeatable emulation of duty cycles to facilitate a fair comparison in case different drivetrains or components need to be tested. These algorithms further enable a more accurate emulation with higher bandwidths, making it possible to emulate torque ripple from a combustion engine, or to emulate a duty cycle in which a load motor represents a driving vehicle in one part of the cycle and a slipping wheel during another.

June 21, 15:30 to 16:00

MATLAB EXPO brings together engineers and scientists from leading organizations, MathWorks experts, and partners. You’ll learn about the latest product capabilities in MATLAB and Simulink, exchange ideas, and share successful case studies. For more information and registration, visit the MATLAB EXPO website


21/06/2018 -
08:45 to 16:30
MeetDistrict-Ghemalco Arena, Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid 808B bus 300, 9000 Gent