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Open Company Day at Flanders Make Lommel!

On Sunday, 7 October, Flanders Make will open its doors in Lommel to the general public on the occasion of the VOKA Open Company Day (de VOKA Open Bedrijvendag). You are most welcome to come and take a look and be introduced into research that will define the industry’s future. You can come face to face with our robots, try out Augmented Reality glasses or discover our climate chamber. The latter is a bit like a giant sunbed and freezer at a time, which we use to test vehicles or machines in different conditions. 

What will you discover? Step into the future with a couple of demonstrations that will define our future lives. Discover how people work together with robots, how vehicles drive without a driver and how we can efficiently use virtual reality, predominantly known from the game world, on the shop floor.

Which professions will you be able to watch at work? Most of our employees are engineers. People who are passionate about innovation. Still, the technology that they co-develop can be used by various professional categories: from production line workers to engineers from the research department. If you are interested in getting to know us better and, who knows, in joining our team, be sure to visit our job stand. We're always looking for engineers and researchers to strengthen our team! 

What can you try out yourself? Imagine yourself in a factory thanks to virtual reality, discover our autonomous bus and give a high five to a robot.  You can do all of this and much more during our Open Company day.

What can your children do? We’ve created several interactive demos. And besides, we have robots, machines and vehicles, all of which will definitely speak to your children’s imagination.

Welcome on Sunday, 7 October, from 10 am to 5 pm. 
Address: Oude Diestersebaan 133, 3920 Lommel

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07/10/2018 -
10:00 to 17:00