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Monitoring under varying operating conditions (MONICO_ICON)

The aim of this project is the development, validation and evaluation of a methodology for the condition monitoring of machinery operating under time varying conditions, including speed, load, force, environmental temperature, oil temperature, humidity, vibration/noise etc.

There is already a mature framework for monitoring of mechanical, electrical and mechatronic systems, operating under steady conditions. But when the operating conditions vary in time, the variation of the monitoring indicators/KPIs due to the change of operating conditions is larger than the variation due to a change of the systems caused by fault generations, leading to reduced monitoring capabilities and robustness, late detection/diagnosis and increased rate of False Alarms and Missed Detections.

As a result there is an industrial need for a general monitoring methodology which will provide robust, early, accurate and on-time monitoring capabilities independent of the operating conditions.

The project is addressed to the following industrial target groups:

  • Machine and component manufacturers
  • Sensor & Monitoring Systems and Engineering Services providers

The applications include:

  • Monitoring of components (bearings, gears, shafts, compressor elements, motors) and systems (train bogies, gearboxes, compressors, electric motors, various types machines etc) operating under varying speed and load conditions
  • Monitoring the quality of products (gears, wires etc) which are manufactured under non-stationary conditions (cutting forces, grinding forces)

MONICO is an ICON-project (Interdisciplinair Coöperatief Onderzoek – Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research). We are looking for companies to join the consortium and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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