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Efficient model based design parameter exploration and optimization in mechatronics (emodo)

Creation of an efficient framework for multi-disciplinary, system-level design parameter space exploration and optimisation.

Model based force measurements

It is difficult or even impossible to measure dynamic data such as force, torque or strain. We want to make these data measurable.

Integration and manufacturability aspects of lightweight structures exploiting inherent dynamic properties (IMALIGHT)

Vibro-acoustic metamaterials offer interesting NVH solutions. This project levers existing technology towards industrial applications.

EM Techno Project

EMtechno aims at improving the total cost of ownership  of energy-efficient drivetrains by the integration of various emerging technologies.

The goal of the project is to develop Process Quality Assurance tools for Laser Melting Processes based on online process monitoring systems.
The idea is to "make driving as safe as flying".
Traditional methods of performing maintenance based on historical data and testing may no longer be enough to keep complex vehicles and machinery operational.
A cyber-physical system for the development of human-robot collaborative workstations does not yet exist.
Our goal is to improve the access to Research and Innovation Infrastructure and increase the collaboration between SMEs and research organizations.
Our challenge is to develop a localisation technology that is accurate, with a speedy update rate, robust and cost-efficient.
One of the main hurdles in the use of these lightweight, multi-material solutions lies in the proper selection and design of the optimal joining technology.
The finishing operations on aerospace composites are difficult and expensive. Hence, this project aims to develop a stable process.
Each application requires a new design, development and validation process to find the optimal solution fulfilling the end users’ requirements.
This project targets companies facing the need to reduce the weight of products with minimal impact on cost and without negative effects on performance.
Cooling techniques with high cooling capacity and low thermal resistance allow to increase the power density of electromechanical drivetrain components.
We want to encourage decision makers of research infrastructures to act as early adopters, promote R&D partnerships and facilitate industrial use.
This project wants to combine the physical drivetrain and controller design for a whole product family into one framework.
We are building a vehicle demonstrator, that will enable companies to test their technology and components under off-highway and ambient conditions.