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All our research has one purpose: strengthening the product and process innovation within Flemish manufacturing companies so that this industry is better armed and able to cope today with the challenges of tomorrow. To this end, we conduct technological research in the field of mechatronics, product development methods and production technologies.

In a first phase, this research will lead to actual applications in machines, vehicles and high-tech production systems for the participating companies. In a second phase, research results will also be shared with the rest of the industry.

Research into electric and hybrid powertrains that consume and spill less energy.
The next step when it comes to reliable and permanent monitoring of machines and vehicles.
Research into self-driving vehicles and autonomously controlled production environments
Research into new model-based design methods that accelerate innovation and creation processes.
Realising breakthroughs in the use of new materials in smart, lightweight structures.
Creation of an open and modular platform for 3D-printing and additive manufacturing.
Research into high-precision components for the assembly of demanding industrial systems.
Research into factories in which men and machines work together as a complementary team.