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It is the first time that Flanders Make attends the Hannover Messe in such a prominent way.
How to improve research and innovation infrastructure governance, visibility and accessibility by companies?
18 new opportunities for your company
Manufacturing companies continuously try to increase their productivity, among others by avoiding machine downtimes.
With this application and living lab environment, both organisations will strengthen and expand their activities.
Training for the evaluation of automotive sensors with Ibeo lidar data
Het MAKE LAB is een mobiel onderzoekslaboratorium waar bedrijven kunnen proeven van nieuwe technologieën en van de samenwerking mens-robot.
Participate as a company in the user committee for our Strategic Basis Research and and follow up the research results.
When it was time to replace the Ford Galaxy, we decided to give it away to the TIO institute in Overpelt.
NMP-REG aims to realise a more effective policy in terms of the transfer and integration of research in the manufacturing industry.
The project looked for ways to make the initialisation and operation of the mirror more robust and autonomous.
Today, most companies invest in product-R&D because they want to respond to a specific customer demand. Only few companies invest in production-R&D.
A room full of engineers discussing light-weight solutions for the automotive market were present at a workshop on the CES material selection tool by Granta Design.
Complexity, connectivity, autonomy and interoperability are key issues that will have a major impact on the value chain of the automotive industry.
Particular attention was paid to techniques for joining dissimilar materials.