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You develop advanced controllers for smart and interconnected systems (machines, robots and vehicles). Develop advanced model predictive, learning...
You integrate top technology into the assembly line of manufacturing companies, optimizing human-robot collaboration setups in the work cells.
You use data analytics and machine learning techniques to predict machine behavior and derive the optimal settings for robots, autonomous vehicles...
You set up research projects with top manufacturing companies in Flanders and rethink the assembly process. You combine new technologies and new concepts in flexible assembly.
You set up research projects with top companies in Flanders to develop autonomous machines, robots and vehicles. You and your team execute the projects by modeling the system design, the controller and testing and validating the autonomous systems in the brand new lab infrastructure.
You set up research projects with top companies in Flanders reinventing electric and hybrid drivetrains. You and your team model the new drivetrain design, add advanced control systems, simulate and validate on a top-knotch Hardware-in-the loop setup.
You simulate multi-physical models for the design of smart machines and vehicles or develop and validate control algorithms.
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