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Research at the service of the manufacturing industry


Our research serves one overall purpose: supporting product and process innovation within the Flemish manufacturing industry. That's why we perform today industry-driven, pre-competitive technological research into the vehicles, machines and factories of tomorrow. As such, we stimulate the digital transformation of our companies – big and small.

Initially, this research leads to actual applications for companies (innovation leaders) participating in the research project.  Next, we also share the results with the rest of the industry so that innovation followers can make the transition to Industry 4.0 as well.

This is how our research strengthens the competitiveness of the entire industry. 

Click here for more information about joining a cluster consortium. 


Flanders Make’s expertise focuses on four domains. In each single one of them, modelling and virtualisation play an important part. These four domains have been translated into competence clusters in which companies, other research institutions and knowledge centres work together. To each of these competence clusters, a number of core labs have been assigned that perform concrete research projects. Click here for an overview of the core labs per competence cluster. 

  1. Sensing, monitoring, control & decision making
  2. Product and/or flexible assembly co-design & optimisation
  3. Specification, architecture & validation of flexible assembly solutions
  4. Specification, architecture & validation of motion products
Improving the performance level of mechatronic systems with robust, self-learning measuring and knowledge tools.
Model-based methods and software ensure that the development trajectory is right from the first time.
In flexible assembly cells, robots and men work alongside one another.
We support Flemish companies to save energy in a cost-efficient way and to anticipate global industry trends.