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Embedded software engineer for industrial robotics

Develop software for futuristic assembly workcells with collaborative robots

Industry 4.0  companies collaborate with Flanders Make to develop smart production systems for their assembly lines, where robots can work safely alongside with humans. The operator is  aided by digital instructions and supported using wearable information technology and assistive automation tools. For Flanders make, you will realize the embedded software of this new workcell that will demonstrate the possibilities of these new technologies.   


Integrate the real time embedded software for prototypes of assembly workcells

To develop a demonstrator-workcell for a real-factory-case you are part of a team of researchers and experts in software architecture, optimization algorithms, robot programming, smart devices, multi-media (tablets, google glasses, augmented reality) and virtual reality. The Software architect defines the architecture which you will implement in close cooperation with the team.

As an embedded software  engineer, you :

  • write the embedded software code, and build interfaces;
  • have responsibility over the integration of the software to ensure a functioning demonstrator;
  • have access to the necessary tools and ensure the installation of the software on the demonstrator;
  • install the selected embedded platforms (industrial controllers,…), sensors, servers, carriers,…
  • try to find easy solutions for new needs that arise during the project.

Experienced embedded software engineers also support other researchers by sharing knowledge and helping them to develop their technical competences  to make better use of the test-setups…

The industry cases include a high amount of sensors, collaborative robots and lots of smart data. As a team you work together in understanding the real automation challenge and defining our research strategy.  For example you are responsible for the prototype installation of a new screwdriving robot in an assembly workplace of machine parts. As a team you started by discussing the optimal workcell layout combining operator tasks with robot tasks. The screwdriving robot, gathers info of a compilation of multiple sensors & data. The control strategies are being developed by the research team. The software architecture is laid out.  You design the missing software code,  implement and  test the new functionalities and& execute the validation phase where you will go on-site for a week at the industrial client.

This animation movie illustrates how Flanders Make sees operators functioning in the factory of the future, working side by side with cobots, and autonomous mobile robots.


Team-minded engineer with a system view


You have

  • Bachelor / master degree in Electronics - ICT, Informatics or Electromechanics or equivalent by experience;
  • Programming experience for embedded and real time machine software (C/C++/Java/Python);
  • Some experience in the usage of industrial automation hardware/software;
  • Affinity with different HW platform/architectures such as DSP, GPU, micro-controllers, embedded systems and rapid prototyping systems, sensors, PLC programming, and PCB Design
  • Understanding of digital and analog circuits;
  • Any experience in test driven or design driven developments, and/or experimental validation on embedded control systems is a plus.


You are

  • passionate about research and new technologies;
  • a team player who can build sustainable relationships;
  • hands-on;
  • initiative- taker;
  • eager to learn.


Contribute to industrial innovation with ownership


Flanders Make is working on projects in Leuven and in Lommel, with a new base in prospect in West Flanders as well. Depending on your place of residence or preference, you can work on one of our sites (flexible workplace policy) or from a satellite office in West-Vlaanderen.



  • great responsibility and great ownership;
  • a flexible and challenging work environment;
  • a warm atmosphere and top colleagues;
  • an open work environment


Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to strengthen the long-term international competitiveness of the Flemish manufacturing industry. That’s why we work together with SMEs and large companies on pre-competitive, industry-driven technological research, resulting in concrete product and production innovation in the vehicle industry, the manufacturing industry, and production environments.


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